Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Don't throw your money away - turn your bags into swag! Introducing TTF's "Bait Bag Bites" rewards program.

Do you want free stuff? Of course you do! Here's how the TTF "Bait Bag Bites" program works. 

Each bag of TTF soft plastics you buy will be worth 1 "bite". Check out the items below to see how many bites are required for each product. If you see something you want, simply print out the order form below, fill it out with the appropriate information and mail it in to TTF along with your empty TTF bait bags (aka "bites").

We'll be changing the items periodically, so if you don't see anything you want, keep checking back and you just might find what you're looking for. And if there's a specific product that you'd REALLY like to see available, send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and let us know. We'll consider adding it.

All offers below are good only WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, so get 'em while you can!

Click here to print the TTF BAIT BAG BITES ORDER FORM in .pdf format

Click here to print the TTF BAIT BAG BITES ORDER FORM in Word format

Texas Thunder Floats

Item#: TT025
Description: Pack of 10 Thunder Floats. Available in three colors: chartreuse, pink and orange.
Bites: 20
Make sure to list the quantity of each color you'd like for a total of 10. For example: 4 chartreuse, 4 pink, 2 orange





EZ Slide Stringer

Item#: TEZS15
Description: EZ Slide Stringer, 15'
Bites: 30






TTF Tackle Bar - 40 BitesItem#: TTFTB
Description: The TTF Wade Lite Tackle Bar comes with a pair of 8-inch pliers and a 6-compartment hard-side tackle box. The unique velcro strap on the front is perfect for attaching your favorite stringer. It's everything you need for wade fishing in one compact package.
Bites: 40
Notes: Stringer not included.

Tackle BarItem#: TDWC
Description: The Texas Tackle Factory wade fishing combo belt includes wading pliers w/lanyard, a PVC rod holder, a 15-foot rope stringer with float, a 6-slot tackle box w/embroidered pouch and a 5-inch heavy-duty back support belt.
Bites: 40
Notes: Make sure to list your size - S, M, L, XL, XXL



Bulk Baits

Item#: Find the item number for your favorite soft plastic at our online store, here. Examples: KFM-265, RTTK10-206, etc.
Description: 60 pieces of your favorite bait in your favorite color. ONLY ONE BAIT and ONE COLOR PER ORDER. You cannot mix and match baits or colors.
Bites: 50
Notes: Eligible baits include all colors of the Trout Killer, Red Killer, Killer Flats Minnow, BIG MINO and Killer Shrimp - remember, you may only select ONE BAIT and ONE COLOR.


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